Canoo is Silver Sponsor of vJUG24

Today, virtual JUG and Canoo agreed on a sponsorship for vJUG24, the first 24 hour virtual Java conference in the world. vJUG24 is a 1-day non stop […]

Canoo to give more than 20 talks at JavaOne

Canoo has always been a vital part of the Java Community. However, the publication of the JavaOne 2016 session catalogue took us by surprise: Canoo will have […]

Save the date: Java Basel 2016

Is Basel really in need of an own developer conference? Definitely YES! The Java User Group Switzerland, the Baloise Insurance and Canoo Engineering AG will host the one-day conference Java Basel […]

Canoo Voting Machines @ JavaOne Latin America

JavaOne Latin America 2016 took place from June 28-30, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil. Canoo was happy to present the JavaOne Voting Machines to the audience in […]

Extreme Java – Concurrency Performance Training

Have you ever asked yourself the question how to become a champion programmer? Dr. Heinz Kabutz wrote in The Java Specialists’ Newsletter:   Regardless of the […]

Learn, learn, learn!

Have you ever asked yourself the question how to become a champion programmer? Dr. Heinz Kabutz wrote an interesting article about that in The Java Specialists’ […]

Make your Asciidoctor Groovy at JUG Archib@le

At the next JUG Archib@le round table, Canoo Software Engineer Stephan Classen will talk about AsciidoctorJ, the official library to run Asciidoctor on the JVM. The […]

BDD Kickstart Training rescheduled

Only a few seats are available for the upcoming BDD Kickstart Training on April 4-5, 2016. For more info and registration, please go to the Trainings […]

Canoo RIA Suite 2014 Update 3 available

The Canoo RIA Suite Team is pleased to announce that Canoo RIA Suite 2014 Update 3 (v 8.0.3) is now available for download. This is a […]

JavaLand Preview: Fun in GroovyLand

Dierk König (JavaOne Rock Star) works as a fellow for Canoo. He is a committer to many open-source projects including OpenDolphin, Frege, Groovy, Grails, GPars and GroovyFX, […]

JavaLand Preview: Token vs. Cookies

Markus Schlichting is Senior Software Engineer at Canoo and organizer of the Hackergarten. During his first talk at JavaLand he will deal with the problem of […]

Dolphin Platform 0.8 released

Beginning of Feb 2016, version 0.8 of the Dolphin Platform has been released. The version contains several bugfixes and some new features.   Validation The biggest […]