Java Champion Insights with Andres Almiray

Cassandra Clark, Java Champion Program Manager, interviews Java Champion Andres Almiray about his Java expertise and how he gives back to the Java Community. Learn more […]

Maven vs. Gradle and the Best of Both Worlds

Java Champion Hendrik Ebbers recently wrote an article about Maven and Gradle published by DZone. In his work he reflects the aspects where both Maven and Gradle […]

MVC is dead, what comes next?

React.js, Elm, Cycle.js, and other UI frameworks introduced a new way of building user interfaces. By applying principles from functional reactive programming to UI development, they even changed […]

Java 9: Preview of the JShell

During his trip to the Iceland JUG, Java Champion Hendrik Ebbers gave a talk about one of the new key features of Java 9: the JShell. […]

Take a look behind the JavaOne Voting Machines!

After JavaOne 2015 and JavaOne 2016 Latin America, the JavaOne Voting Machines celebrated their 3rd birthday at JavaOne 2016 in San Francisco. Since the introduction in […]

New Java Champion: Dierk Koenig

Canoo is well-known for its top-class engineers. Need yet another proof? Here you go: Dierk Koenig was officially announced as a Java Champion. Together with Dierk, […]

Java 8 Masterclass Workshop with R. Warburton

Java 8 isn’t your parent’s Java anymore. Some of the best ideas from functional programming are migrating their way into Java 8. This means easier to […]

JavaOne 2016 – Day III

Tuesday also featured 6 sessions from or with Canoo experts. One of these sessions was “JavaFX Jumpstart” by Hendrik Ebbers. This is what happened on day 3 – […]

JavaOne 2016 – Day II

Day 2 of JavaOne 2016 featured six sessions with Canoo experts beginning with the tutorial “Adventures with Extreme Types in a Purely Functional Language” by Dierk Koenig. […]

JavaOne 2016 – Day I

JavaOne is the ultimate source of technical information and learning about Java. If you haven’t had the chance to attend the event this year you may get the most […]

Canoo is Silver Sponsor of vJUG24

Today, virtual JUG and Canoo agreed on a sponsorship for vJUG24, the first 24 hour virtual Java conference in the world. vJUG24 is a 1-day non stop […]

Canoo to give more than 20 talks at JavaOne

Canoo has always been a vital part of the Java Community. However, the publication of the JavaOne 2016 session catalogue took us by surprise: Canoo will have […]