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    The OpenDolphin team is happy to announce release 0.7, which is a major step towards 1.0 that is planned for end of march.

    First of all: OpenDolphin is now available from maven central under the group id org.open-dolphin! We have also aligned the package structure (with release 0.6) such that the former com.canoo.dolphin is now org.opendolphin to reflect the open-source nature of the project.

    With OpenDolphin being in the central maven repository, you can now simply declare a dependency and use Maven or Gradle or @Grab to build your dolphin-enabled application.
    If you need any advice on how to best structure your application and get your feet wet with OpenDolphin, there is now a special JumpStartProject for the pure Java, Maven, JavaFX setup. A second variant is available for doing the same with Gradle.

    In terms of new capabilities in this release, one stands out from all others: server side events.
    Any asynchronous event that happens on the server side can now instantly be displayed by the dolphin client – and consistently across many clients. Think of your server being notified via JMS or receiving Hibernate events. Dolphin introduced a server-side event bus that can be notified asynchronously from any event source and dolphin actions can subscribe to
    receive these events. There is of course a demo for this capability in the code base and even a video on youtube to show the effect.

    But dolphin actions can also be event sources themselves, effectively allowing cross-client synchronization via the server.
    Another youtube video demonstrates instant cross-client updates.

    More demos have been added and updated. Please check out the release notes since version 0.5.

    Last not least, we did some profiling and performance testing along with a few selective optimizations.
    Even though we consider optimization work a post-1.0 activity, these few changes made our dolphin swim 60% faster!

    We hope that you will like the 0.7 release and we are happy receive any feedback.

    The Happy Dolphin

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