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    SchwendenIt is now six years that Canoo developers and friends go “Canoo Camping” twice a year.
    We enjoy the break from our everyday work and explore new and exciting fields by means of
    collaborative learning by doing.

    These are the ground rules:

    • you have to be there all three days
    • we work in small groups
    • you have to present your achievements Saturday afternoon

    What happens in code camp doesn’t stay in code camp!

    This spring, we decided to work on OpenDolphin in connection with JavaFX, Raspberry Pi, and HTML5 with 10 developers in three projects.

    Canoo Campers

    Detailed blog posts about all three projects will follow and I wouldn’t want to reveal too much in advance beside that we have all been thrilled by the achievements.

    We were not surprised to see JavaFX living up to its promise of allowing great user interface development from desktop down to small embedded devices. It worked like a charm.
    The cool thing was to hook these user interfaces up with OpenDolphin presentation models and to control the application from a remote server – even synchronizing the views.

    We were able to extend OpenDolphin’s reach to multi-client / multi-channel HTML5 applications working in perfect harmony with JavaFX views, which triggered a bit of discussion on Google+.

    Most of all, the OpenDolphin approach passed a most scrutinizing test: being used in anger by a Canoo team. We identified a few possibilities for improvement along the way but the general assessment concluded that OpenDolphin was

    dolphin“quick to get into” in a day or so
    “made from a few simple, reliable concepts”
    “versatile and powerful”
    “the best way to structure UIs”.

    Even advanced tasks like supporting reliable undo/redo (even rollback of selections) and scaffolding complex forms with three lines of code suddenly became possible in this very short time frame.

    You bet that beside the exciting work – which sometimes almost led us to being late for the delicious catering – we had a tremendous amount of fun.
    Late in the night, we even defined a new software development methodology:
    beer programming.

    beer programming

    Stay tuned!
    There is more to come soon.

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