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  • Dierk Koenig interviewed: Groovy is a pioneer for new ideas

    September 11th, 2015

    Dierk Koenig (JavaOne Rock Star) works as a fellow for Canoo Engineering AG. He is a committer to many open-source projects including OpenDolphin, Frege, Grails and Groovy. In the interview with JAXenter he talks about building user interfaces with projector patterns with HTML5 and JavaFX, Groovy and the W-JAX 2015.

    Read the full article (in German) here.

    JavaFX Abacus Tutorial, Part II

    January 14th, 2013

    This is the second part of a basic tutorial on JavaFX. The first part can be found here and the code is on github. The running example of the tutorial is to build an abacus. If you are curious how the final solution will look like, please
    have look at this 7 min video.

    Your latest homework assignment was to extend the single-circle-version to a board of 10 * 10 circles.
    Have you done it? Cool.
    When starting you should now see something like
    10 X 10 circles.
    You should now be familiar with how to create a simple JavaFX application, how to use the SceneGraph, adding child nodes, and using builders.

    Today, we will introduce event handling and translation.

    Each node in the SceneGraph can be transformed in various ways by translation, rotation, scaling, and more.
    What we need for the movement is a translation, which is a transformation that displays the node at a given x/y offset from its original position.

    Setting the translation is easy. Simply change the translateX property of the node.

    will display the node 100 pixels to right from its original position.

    Unlike Swing, there is no need to clear the canvas and repaint all nodes on the new position! Changing the translateX property is all it takes. The SceneGraph takes care of proper repainting.

    Let’s say we want the circles in our abacus to move 100 pixel to the right when we click on it. This requires an event handler on the circle that changes the translateX value. Here is how you set such an event handler as an anonymous inner class:

    As an optimization of the above, you can share one event handler between all the circles. In this case use

    The full code now looks like so:

    Clicking on a circle now moves it to the right “on its rail”.
    circles with translations


    Your homework assignment is to make the circle moving back to its
    original position (translateX becomes 0) when you click on a circle
    that has been moved before.

    Next week, we will animate the movements.


    If you are committed to learn JavaFX, please consider joining one of our JavaFX workshops at Canoo.

    See you next time!
    Dierk König

    P.S. Tim Yates has posted a GroovyFX version.

    IMTF takes over the majority share of Canoo Engineering AG

    January 14th, 2013

    Givisiez/Basel, 14.01.2013. IMTF, market leader in Enterprise Content Management and Compliance Solutions for Financial Service Providers takes over the majority share of Canoo Engineering AG, one of the top end software and IT engineering companies in Switzerland. With this move solid business knowledge is joined with top-notch technological skills enabling both partners to further strengthen their leading role in implementing innovative software solutions and strategies in the field of data and document management.

    Mark Büsser, CEO IMTF Group, commented on the new partnership: “Today more than ever, our clients require solutions, which help them to manage the growing complexity of their processes in a more effective and efficient way – especially in the regulatory field. With this step we bundle experiences from a daily cooperation with 250 banks, insurance companies and public administrations in more than 30 countries. This will further strengthen our reliability and innovative power.”

    Hans-Dirk Walter, CEO of Canoo added: “We complement each other perfectly: Canoo as a technology company with numerous highly innovative software frameworks and components and as an experienced software service provider, IMTF with extensive and international business expertise. Successful and efficient projects are the result of highly educated and motivated people; software solutions depend on the people building them.”

    Canoo will remain an independent company, its culture and success factors will continue to make the difference.

    For more information regarding this transaction please visit http://www.imtf.com or http://www.canoo.com.

    About IMTF:
    IMTF, established in 1987, is a global leader in software and IT services for banks and financial institutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Anti Financial Crime, Compliance and Information Protection and has its headquarters in Givisiez/FR. IMTF is represented worldwide through a network of partners as well as own branches in Vienna, London, Singapore and Dubai. Business Experts, Project Manager and Integrators are providing high performance services to more than 200 banks globally.

    Informatique-MTF SA                                      Canoo Engineering AG
    Route du Bleuet 1                                                     Kirschgartenstrasse 5
    1762 Givisiez/Schweiz                                             4051 Basel/Schweiz
    Tel: 026 460 66 66                                                   Tel: 061 228 94 44
    marketing@imtf.com                                               info@canoo.com
    http://www.imtf.com                                               http://www.canoo.com

    Devoxx 2012 | Nov 12-16, 2012 | Antwerp

    November 16th, 2012
    Logo_Devoxx_transparent Meet Griffon aficionado and Java Champion Andres Almiray live at Devoxx 2012. He will present his talks “Spock: boldly go where no test has gone before“, “Hackergarten Hands-On Coding Event” and “Rocket propelled Java“. Don´t miss that spectacle!

    W-JAX 2012 | Nov 5-9, 2012 | Munich

    November 9th, 2012
    logo_w-jax2012_weiss Experience Dierk König and Gerrit Grunwald live at W-JAX 2012. In their luggage they will be bringing a whole host of JavaFX and breathtaking custom controls. The highlights will include our User Experience Special Day and the JavaFX Power Workshop. Also the keynote talk “Volle Breitseite (reloaded)” is not to be missed! We look forward to seeing you there.