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    July 26th, 2012

    This years /ch/open workshop days will take place from September 4-6th.

    Canoo will hold a workshop about Enterprise Mobile App development with Sencha Touch 2. Come and participate!

    In the area of business applications web based, cross-plattform mobile apps make perfectly sense. Cost efficient multi-plattform development, flexible deployment, leveraging of existing knowledge are the top reasons why companies choose this approach.

    html5HTML5, modern JavaScript frameworks and CSS3 provide everything a mobile developer requires. In addition frameworks like PhoneGap (aka Apache Cordova) provide access to native functionality if needed.
    In order to efficiently develop demanding applications good framework and tool support is mandatory. The Widespread Sencha Touch 2 framework provides a robust basis for that.

    The workshop guides you through all the bits and pieces you need if you want to go beyond toy mobile applications and do real business. Modular architecture and testability are key in that area.

    Workshop topics

    • Sencha Touch 2 MVC architecture
    • REST-Services, Proxies and Stores
    • Handling relational data
    • Dependency injection
    • Testing
    • outlook into offline support, custom components and PhoneGap

    We are also planing to hold this workshop this autumn in Basel. Please leave a comment or contact us directly if you are interested.
    By the way, did you know Canoo is offering a wide range of mobile services? Have a look at www.canoo.com/services/mobile/

    Canoo supports Japan disaster relief

    March 15th, 2011

    On countless occasions in recent decades, the nation of Japan has consistently been one of the leading and fastest providers of disaster relief to other nations in their times of difficulty. We humbly bear this in mind as the tragedy of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan unfolds before our eyes.

    To assist the relief effort, Canoo will be providing financial support to Médecin sans Frontières.

    The thoughts of Canoo’s employees are with all of the victims of this terrible event.

    Maintenance Release Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 1

    October 1st, 2010

    We are pleased to announce that the maintenance release
    Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 1 is now available for download !

    This is a maintenance release for the Canoo RIA Suite.
    Besides many bug fixes and improvements it includes

    – Builtin animations for ULCLabel, ULCScrollPane,
    ULCSplitPane and ULCInternalFrame
    – Radial Gradient Paints

    Please see the release notes for the complete list of
    implemented feature requests and fixed problem reports.

    And don’t miss the demos.

    Please note: the ULC Core license key and any ULC Package license key
    are valid for all releases labeled Canoo RIA Suite ULC. If you already have
    any Canoo RIA Suite license key, no new license key is required.

    Firmenlauf '10

    July 12th, 2010

    When Firmenlauf ’10 was announced, Canoo decided to build a team and to participate again this year. We had great fun last time (see Firmenlauf ’09 part I and II) and the race deadline gave us a goal for our rigorous 30° lunchtime jogging sessions. Also I personally like the team spirit generated by such events.

    Left to right: Andrei, Christian, Roland, Johannes, Hamlet, Günter, Markus and Alexandra

    Left to right: Andrei, Christian, Roland, Johannes, Hamlet, Günter, Markus and Alexandra

    Even though six kilometers is a relatively small distance, a certain fitness is still needed to increase the pleasure factor. Otherwise you are only suffering and this is definitely not what you want to achieve.

    It was interesting to observe how the team organized itself for the training sessions. The participants regularly asked each others to go for group runs. The single shower we have here at the office rapidly became a bottleneck, adding some roughness to the whole story.

    We regrettably had to experience two defects. Hamlet kindly accepted the challenge in the last minute. So at the end we were 8 at the starting line instead of 9 initially announced. At 7pm on Friday the 9th of July the starting gun fired. After a cumulated time of 2:10:34,5 the first group of Canooies composed of Alexandra, Markus, Günter and Christian crossed the line hand in hand, just after the Herzog & de Meuron architects but before another Software engineers company I am not mentioning by name… For a complete results overview, click here.

    Left to right: Markus, Christian, Günther and Alexandra

    Left to right: Markus, Christian, Günther and Alexandra

    The rest of the team composed of Roland, Andrei, Johannes and Hamlet successfully crossed the line as well. Everyone did an incredible job. I can tell you: this year was really hard. It was so hot and humid. A couple of people collapsed (no one from Canoo luckily) and we heard the ambulance at least once.

    More photos could be found on Flickr.

    Java Business RIA redefined!

    May 2nd, 2010

    The future belongs to Rich Internet Applications (RIA) – they are increasingly replacing the classical desktop application. And it is no wonder, as this latest generation of web applications offers a totally new kind of interactivity. Furthermore, RIAs spare your budget thanks to their operating system independence and the fact that they can be used without installation. According to the market research organization Forrester Research, RIA technology will be deployed in around 60% of all software development projects in the coming years.


    The disadvantage of most of today’s RIA frameworks is that they were developed for the optimization of web sites. They rapidly reach their limits, therefore, with complex business applications. Canoo Engineering’s Canoo RIA Suite with its modular design provides a remedy. It’s heart is ULC (UltraLightClient), a proven and stable component for the development of RIAs – optimized for the performance requirements of business applications. Thanks to the 100% java-based homogeneous programming model, ULC reduces the complexity of RIA projects to a minimum. RIAs developed with ULC score highly due to their low development and maintenance costs, and are more than a match for classical desktop applications in user-friendliness, functionality, attractiveness, robustness and performance.

    Since March 31, 2010, ULC Core is available as a Beta Release. The Canoo Ria Suite will be released officially just before Pentecost 2010. The advantages at a Glance:

    • Up to 50% reductions in development costs
    • Puts business functionality on to the web without quality losses
    • Lower operational costs thanks to server side maintenance and standardized technology
    • Maximum security thanks to standard conformity
    • Straightforward and rapid development due to uniform Java basis
    • Robust and scalable architecture
    • No longer time-consuming client-side deployment
    • Enables highly interactive and user friendly interfaces
    • No browser adaptation required
    • Optimal user productivity due to rapid response times
    • Lower project risk thanks to well engineered, tried and tested technology
    • Impressive prototypes in minimal time

    “We switched to ULC in the middle of a large software project, as we were not able to implement all the requirements with the technology we were using at the time. ULC then enabled us to at least double our productivity, in turn allowing the project to be completed on time.”

    Greg Hutchinson, Principal Developer of a large Canadian financial institution