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    September 17th, 2012

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    Dear Reader,

    The Canoo Engineering Team is delighted to be able to present you the latest Version of Canoo RIA Suite. Numerous new features are now available. Here is an overview of the new functions:

    • migration of RIA Suite to Java 6
    • numerous new Java 6 Swing APIs
    • the optimized RIA Suite package ULC Chart
    • the new RIA Suite package ULC Graph
    ULC Chart
    The chart creation features – previously integrated in ULC Core – now offer additional individuality in the shape of ULC Chart1) as a separate RIA Suite package. You can generate high quality charts in a flash in your ULC application. In addition to the classic pie charts, bar charts and graphs, the package offers a wide variety of additional presentation options.
    ULC Chart
    ULC Graph
    The new package ULC Graph2) enables you to quickly and simply visualize company data or processes, e. g. workflow visualizations, organigrams or graphs. And these views can easily be adapted because of the link to your database and intuitive editing features.
    ULC Graph
    See for yourself and put our ULC Chart Demo and ULC Graph Demo to the test.
    All the information regarding feature requests and individual bug fixes is available as usual in our release notes for the Canoo RIA Suite 2012.A Magnificent Outlook
    You can also look forward to many more innovations in the coming months in Canoo’s RIA Suite:

    • ULC Push supports a push mechanism via long polling (October 2012)
    • RIA Suite minor release (December 2012)
    • ULC Analysis provides map, table and chart based components for the analysis of large data volumes (April 2013)
      Take a look at the first two main components, ULC BigTableExplorer and ULC GeoMaps.

    We trust that you will enjoy developing using the new Canoo RIA Suite!
    Your Canoo Team

    1) ULC Chart is no longer a component part of ULC Core. A new license need not be acquired for its usage.

    2) ULC Graph is a new Canoo RIA Suite package. A ULC Graph license must be acquired in order to use it. You can find further information about this on our website, or simply call us on +41 61 228 94 44.

    NEW – Canoo offers ULC Platinum Support

    July 10th, 2012
    Canoo logo
    Dear Reader

    Magicians, conjurers or illusionists – there are many designations for this most ingenious of professions which have one common hallmark. Namely, a baffled and amazed audience is frantically left asking “How do they do that?” Likewise, during software development, engineers like to take a look behind the scenes of utilized libraries and gain an insight into the how, what and why. But surely the entire source code – rather than a binary file – at one’s disposal must be unaffordable? Or perhaps not!

    Good advice need not cost the earth
    Using Canoo RIA Suite you can develop attractive web-based business applications in next to no time. Furthermore, you can make use of our wide range of support services. We have now enhanced this support with the new ULC Core Platinum Support. Customers with our ULC Core Premium Support can benefit from the license upgrade with immediate effect. This offer provides many advantages, likewise to new customers.

    Exclusively for you

    The new Platinum Support includes all the services of the Premium Support. When you purchase a Platinum Support license we additionally provide you with the ULC Core Source Code as unobfuscated binary and source JAR Files*). For you this means first and foremost simpler and more rapid development. You obtain a deep insight into the workings of RIA Suite and can integrate this know-how into your own development. This represents an enormous benefit for you.Take advantage of your new opportunities
    You can find all the necessary information regarding Platinum Support on our website. We would be pleased to prepare a non-binding quotation for you. Call us or simply send us an email at ulc-sales@canoo.com.We wish you every success with your Platinum Support license!
    Your Canoo Team

    *) A license for ULC Core Platinum Support costs 1’750 EUR, while the upgrade from Premium Support to Platinum Support costs 1’000 EUR. Both licenses are acquired for a term of 12 months. Please note that the delivered JAR Files may only be integrated in the development projects of the respective licensee. It is not permitted to unpack, modify, reuse, rebuild or redistribute the JAR Files containing the source code together with derivative work. These JAR Files are intellectual property of Canoo. As a licensee you agree to protect the source code from any unauthorized third party access.