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Gradle Training

Learn the basics for working with Gradle as a build tool for common project stereotypes, such as regular Java, webapp or polyglot (Java/Groovy).

Mon 07. September 2015 in Basel.

Andres Almiray

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  • Rich client platform with a plain Java API
  • Highest user performance experience
  • Native system capabilities can be used

Michael Heinrichs

  • Strictly separates business logic from visualization
  • Keeps business logic on the server
  • Today available for JavaFX and Swing

Dierk König

  • Dynamic features and scripting capability
  • Ideal for implementing domain-specific languages
  • Basis for web and desktop applications

Andres Almiray

  • The best from Spring and Hibernate for Java EE
  • Clear conventions, long-term maintainability
  • Low development costs, short completion times

Dierk König

  • Declarative builds
  • Builds by convention
  • Multi project builds in Gradle are quite easy to setup

Andres Almiray

  • Declarative UI programming with Groovy
  • Sophisticated plug-in system
  • Short development times thanks to clear application structure

Andres Almiray

  • RIA development at high levels of abstraction
  • High-performance in all browsers
  • Pure Java development, simple testing and debugging

Andreas Ehret