JavaOne 2016 – Day I

JavaOne 2016 – Day I

JavaOne is the ultimate source of technical information and learning about Java. If you haven't had the chance to attend the event this year you may get the most important information here in our blog.

Before Day 1

For many developers the events starts days before as everyone arrives at San Francisco, re-connects with old friends, makes new ones, and prepares for the days to come. The Canooeys in particular have to prepare the Canoo Voting Machines that stand before every single room.
Since we also present 21 talks at JavaOne, you can bet that there are a lot of finishing touches to be done to the slide decks.

Day 1

JavaOne 2016 started Sunday the 18th of September with the opening keynote by Sharat Chander. In the initial keynote, Canoo was the first external company that was mentioned.
Welcome Keynote
Welcome Keynote
Other interesting topics / information from the Java Keynote (among others):

Georges Saab, Vice President of Development at Oracle, promised that the JDK will be optimized for working with Docker. Unfortunately, there was no information given about when and how this will happen. Afterwards, Mark Reinhold entered the stage to talk about the new features of Java 9. Then he talked about the details of Project Jigsaw and the new JShell. Java EE 8 will be released end of 2017.

The Intel Keynote with the topic "Enabling a Smart and Connected World with Java" was presented by Michael Green (VP Intel). The most interesting part was that Java will run on Intel Joule. He also welcomed Benjamin Wolff from CERN, Nandini Ramani (Twitter) and Reynold Xing (Project Apache Spark) who talked about how Java enables their companies to be successful. For example the Accelerator Control Center (CERN) runs on Java since mid 90's.

During the Visionary Keynote Dr. Anita Sengupta (@Doctor_Astro) talked about Mars exploration, Curiosity rover, "7 minutes of terror" when landing, and lots of other extremely interesting considerations and challenges in her work.