JavaOne 2016 – Day II

JavaOne 2016 – Day II

Day 2 of JavaOne 2016 featured six sessions with Canoo experts beginning with the tutorial "Adventures with Extreme Types in a Purely Functional Language" by Dierk Koenig. Although the session was scheduled quite early in the morning (08:00 am), Dierk was happy with the result:
Monday started for me with my Frege tutorial, which went very well. The group was small (~ 50 people) but they were very active and the feedback was extremely positive.

Dierk Koenig

This is what stayed in Dierk's mind of day 2:

The "New and Noteworthy in Java SE 9" was interesting. There is quite some work going on to support high resolution monitors and this may have some impact on ULC with regard to updating the API concerning the support for multi-resolution images and more.

AI and machine learning keeps getting attention. The IBM Watson project provides a lot of services and APIs not much unlike Wolfram Alpha but with cloud hosting for apps that use these "cognitive" APIs. They say that AI nowadays is much different from the failed attempts in the past. I couldn't find a reason why that should be the case, though.

"Functional Data Structures" was a talk where not everybody would fit into the room. The content was very basic and missed out on some important points. It was mainly based on showing how lists and trees are implemented in JavaSlang, which is a very interesting library and certainly worth looking at. However, using these data structures in a language like Java that cannot carry purity information through the type system seems to be only of very limited use - for a comparable high price in complexity.

Results of the Voting Machine Day 2

Day 2 ended with overall 4737 votes on the Canoo Voting Machines. Almost 75% of the votes were positive which underlines the high quality of the talks at JavaOne.

Impressions Day 2