JavaOne 2016 – Day III

JavaOne 2016 – Day III

Tuesday also featured 6 sessions from or with Canoo experts. One of these sessions was "JavaFX Jumpstart" by Hendrik Ebbers. This is what happened on day 3 - seen through his eyes...
At the second day I tried to attend some JavaFX related sessions. Next to JavaFX Mobile stuff (Gluon), I joined the „What’s new in JavaFX“ session by Oracle. In this session the technical leads of JavaFX showed some features that will be part of JavaFX in Java 9 and 10. I think some of the shown features will be quite interesting to our customers:

  • Java introduces scaling support for Hi-Res Displays like Mac Retina Displays or 4K Displays for Windows.
  • In the future, Oracle plans to update the WebKit version for the WebView more often and the plan for Java 10 is to support WebGL in the WebView.

I talked to the people of jpro. Gerrit and I have seen some very cool demos of JavaFX in the browser. The plan is that Gerrit and I will get access to the software so that we can write demos based on it.

I talked with Adam Bean about Docker. Based on a request that I did some weeks ago Adam published the Docker configurations that he did for all JavaEE application servers to the open Docker repo. I needed this configurations to test Dolphin Platform automatically on several containers. Adam was very impressed about the way that we currently use Docker to test DP automatically. He will do an interview about that topic for his blog.
I've already seen several persons with Canoo stickers on the laptops:
I did a talk about setting up JavaFX Projects that was really good and is in the top ten of today until now (6). Andres and Ixchels talk is part of the conference top ten...

After my talk a person asked me how he can sync data on several JavaFX clients. This sounds like a perfect match to Dolphin Platform. I talked to the guys from hazel cast and discussed some ideas how we can integrate the distributed features of Hazelcast in Dolphin Platform.

I think that voting machines working very well. I did an interview about the voting machines and the next one is scheduled later today.

Results of the Voting Machine Day 3

On day 3 we recorded 6272 Votes. The best three Sessions were:

  1. Advanced Modular Development
  2. Top 50 Java EE 7 Best Practices
  3. Cloud-Native Microservices and Containers in the Middleware World