Building guarantees

Construction worker with red helmet.
  • TaskConsulting and developing of a new application replacing an old one.

Building contractors are frequently required to provide a guarantee at the conclusion of construction projects to cover potential building defects. In many cases such a warranty is a prerequisite for the release of final payment funds for the work carried out.

Builders regularly face unforeseen difficulties in the cour- se of their work. When it comes to building guarantee the policy does not constitute an insurance as such (no sum covered for the policy holder). Rather the insurer indemni- fies the policy holder against third party (client) contractual fulfilment and / or payment obligations.

Until now the Baloise insurance have utilised their own platform for the generation of building guarantees. In the course of upgrades to this system the generation of buil- ding guarantees will be simplified, automated and more convenient for the customer.


Positive customer experience and cost effectiveness

The Baloise insurance wanted to replace the existing «Bau- garantie» program with an up to date application accessib- le via the Internet, and with automatic interfaces to internal departments. In addition to cost effectiveness, customer needs were naturally paramount. The ordering of warranty certificates needed to be considerably simplified and trans- parency ensured for prevailing contigent liabilities, such as loan sum, balance of deposits, and warranty exigence.


Modern and functional

The guarantee applicaton is accessed via an HTML5/GWT based web client. The policy holder is able – subject to cre- ditworthiness and internal guidelines – to order an insuran- ce certificate via the Internet or enter the required data for immediate printing himself. Baloise staff are able to access the application via the same client.


High degree of automation

The generated guarantee certificates are automatically sent to the primary insurance system, stored in a dossier application and provisioned. If required the policy holder automatically receives an invoice in order to replenish his custody account. Alternatively he can order a credit slip.


Seamless integration

The “Garantien” application is equipped with an automatic connection to the existing risk application, accounting, claims management, provisioning, as well as storage.

For Baloise administration staff Garantien enables contract maintenance for guarantee customers, authorisation of guarantee certificates that are subject to reporting and the production of reports.


Technologies used

  • OpenDolphin: Business logic remains on the server, simple and performant communication between client and server
  • JEE 6 (EJB 3.1, JPA, CDI): High degree of stability, easy integration of Java EE based peripheral systems
  • HTML5 / GWT: JavaScript knowledge unnecessary, multitude of components, positive customer experience


What our customer said about the project

„When I assumed the role of Application Owner at the end of 2013 the existing application was cumbersome and caused a variety of problems. Nobody needed convincing of the need for a new development. The project team received whole- hearted support and a we built up a great momentum.“ (Irene Fiechter, Application Owner)


„It was interesting to see how an age-old, error prone application was turned into a modern, elegant web project with self-service for its users. Good interface connection results in a high degree of automation and efficient processes for the department involved.“ (Andrea Thoma, Business Engineer)