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  • TaskReplacement of existing system with an up-to-date redevelopment, while simultaneously tapping potential for optimization.

In future the motor vehicle business at Baloise Insurance will be simpler, more standardised and state-of-the-art thanks to the newly developed platform MF-Admin. A success story in which our software engineers and user experience experts played an important part.

A modification to the Traffic Departments› technical interface (CLS) required all Swiss insurance companies to change their systems by spring 2015. In the course of the necessary interface updates Baloise replaced its existing system with an up-to-date redevelopment, while simultaneously tapping potential for optimization: slimmed down processes, increased automated data processing, enhanced user friendliness and reduced maintenance effort.

Baloise uses MF-Admin to manage insurance certificates, acknowledge vehicle registration and deregistration, as well as for insurance suspension and termination messages (electronic blocks). Orders to internal specialist departments and customer enquiries are likewise covered by the system.


One Platform replaces three individual systems

The Baloise insurance companies have reorganized their management of motor vehicles, the newly developed platform replacing three individual systems. MF-Admin has been in operation since November 2014, following an upfront test phase involving users, customer advisory body and traffic departments.


Modern and functional

Both public and authorised access is available to MF-Admin. Online insurance customers and their external partners can access the platform publicly. A priority for partners was the capability to integrate the HTML5/GWT based web client into their portal and interchange design elements such as logos. General agencies, sales and customer service utilize the authorised access, and various functions are available to personnel according to activity and authorisation.


Coordinated and aligned

By means of the free workflow management system Activiti all business processes and workflows were first of all modelled, visualized and documented. Activiti defined a BPMN 2.0 Workflow for each business process. The next step was the incorporation of existing validation and plausibility rules. The rules determine the dynamic behavior of input screens and data processing by collaborating systems. Finally the new CLS Interface and the Baloise peripheral systems were integrated.


Seamless integration

MF-Admin uses interfaces to internal and external systems. Via Webservice or other interfaces MF-Admin inputs data from peripheral systems in order to partially prefill forms, a very convenient feature for the user. The platform furthermore links in external data sources, for example the insurance’s own service for personal and address data, or the search function of the federal office of business identification numbers.


Integration of peripheral systems

  • Clearing system: communication between insurance companies and licensing authorities
  • Order and dossier system: connection of electronic archive to case processing
  • Host system: linking in inventory and partner management in order to determine customer data
  • Eurotax: acquisition of vehicle data
  • Sales management and leads administration: direct forwarding of orders
  • Batch: periodic and downstream processing


Technologies used

  • GWT
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Java EE
  • Web Services
  • Activiti BPM Workflow
  • Maven
  • Scrum


What our customer says

„Thanks to MF-Admin we have everything in one place, plus a straightforward user interface, and can easily transfer data to other systems.“ (Yannick Hasler, Head of Product Management Motor Vehicle Insurance)


„We completed this major project half a year ahead of schedule, and kept within budget. I find that particularly pleasing.“ (Martin Grüninger, Project Manager MF-ADMIN)