Since 2006, Swiss Poster Research Plus AG provides the powerful, provider-independent planning tool SPR+ Expert to media experts for planning, evaluation, analysis, optimization and documentation of Out-of-Home campaigns. As the underlying data had some gaps, Swiss Poster Research Plus AG developed a mobility model for all 1 million road segments in Switzerland. In order to make this new model accessible to the users, significant changes had to be made to SPR+ Expert.


Back in 2006, Swiss Poster Research Plus AG already relied on Canoo and its framework RIA-Suite / ULC when developing the web-based, highly interactive application SPR+ Expert (see case study SPR+ Expert). However, the industry-wide accepted underlying data had some gaps: only 43.000 out of the 55.000 poster panels in Switzerland were included – in particular those in the train stations of the 55 Swiss agglomeration areas. Poster panels in the countryside were not included. Plus, only data from test persons living in these areas were collected. Furthermore, only poster contacts inside residential areas were of interest as those outside these areas were not representative enough. Consequently, commuter contacts were not counted.

Together with the German Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, Swiss Poster Research Plus worked for several years on the new data model MobNat. SPR+ MobNat combines data from different sources, e.g. from the last Swiss census in 2011, traffic measurements and thousands of traffic counts. Additionally included are 10.300 GPS records and about 96.000 micro-census data of the mobility of Swiss people.


Interface and UI changes

To bring the maximum benefit of this new data to the end-user, Swiss Poster Research Plus instructed Canoo with the extension of SPR+ Expert. In the beginning of the project, Fraunhofer Institute had to extend the calculation model and SPR+ Expert had to be customized to the new interface. As there were also additional and changed selection criteria, the user interface had to be adapted at different locations.


New GIS component

The by far biggest challenge for the Canoo engineers was the new GIS component and the amount of information to be processed. The very comprehensive area data (up to 3500 outline points per community!) constantly have to be redrawn together with static layers (for cantons, economic areas, language areas, etc.) and dynamic markers for campaign areas. In addition, there may be user actions like changing the zoom level or changing the map section as well as the selection of communities or the layers to be shown.

“We had to take enormous efforts to process the huge amount of polygon courses for marking the advertisement area (regions) on the Swiss map together with user interactions like zoom in and out, hiding GIS layers, etc. – and all this in a web browser.”, says Patrick Lisser, Senior Software Engineer at Canoo. “Thanks to ULC and our expert knowledge we developed a high performing solution.”


Planning OOH campaigns becomes more accurately

What are the changes for media planners and customers? At first glance, there aren’t too many changes. As before, campaigns can be simulated, planned, optimized and controlled using the improved SPR+ Expert application. SPR+ Expert not only provides poster contacts per poster panels ranked by visibility and range indicators, OTS, GRP, CPM, CPP and affinity for provider-independent campaigns but also offers the possibility to easily create display schedules including cost, performance and product overviews. A new feature is the ability to calculate a campaign duration of up to 10 weeks (until now only 3 weeks). Furthermore, agencies may now integrate locations (customer stores or branches) and analyze performance values for both local campaigns (down to the community level) and national campaigns.

Felix Mende, Managing Director at SPR+ adds:

“MobNat is based on an extremely extended research concept compared with the old GPS-study. The model calculation is really complex – our matrix includes more than 8 billion fields. Thanks to the comprehensive know-how in the area of web-based business applications, Canoo made a decisive contribution the realization of the extension of SPR+ Expert.”


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    Since 2006, Swiss Poster Research Plus AG provides the powerful, provider-independent planning tool SPR+ Expert to media experts for planning, evaluation, analysis, optimization and documentation of Out-of-Home campaigns. As […]
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