Trainings – Events


13mar - 14mar 139:00 ammar 14Extreme Java - Advanced Topics CourseFinishing School for the Professional Java Programmer

15mar - 17mar 159:00 ammar 17Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance for Java 8"Java Concurrency in Practice" and "Performance Tuning" combined as a 3-day intensive course.

20mar - 21mar 209:00 ammar 21GradleFollowing this course participants will learn the basics for working with Gradle as a build tool for common project stereotypes, such as regular Java, webapp or polyglot (Java/Groovy).


3apr - 4apr 39:00 amapr 4Java 8 MasterclassAt the end of this course, you will be ready to use Java 8 on your day job and be familiar with the cutting edge programming approaches.

3apr - 4apr 39:00 amapr 4GriffonGriffon puts the ideas of the MVC concept, the Swing application framework and the Bean binding framework into practice – simply and elegantly.

24apr - 25apr 249:00 amapr 25OpenDolphinOpen Dolphin is a free open-source library that protects your business applications against the uncertainties of changing visualization technologies.

27apr - 28apr 279:00 amapr 28GroovyGroovy enhances Java with dynamic features and scripting capabilities, and is therefore excellently suited to the implementation of domain-specific languages on the Java platform.


3may9:00 am- 5:00 pmFregeFrege is a Haskell for the JVM. Like any Haskell, it is purely functional, enjoys a strong static type system with global type inference and non-strict – also known as lazy – evaluation.