Open Dolphin is a free open-source library that protects your business applications against the uncertainties of changing visualization technologies.

Our training courses

JavaFX Enterprise with OpenDolphin

Java developers learn how to build enterprise-grade JavaFX applications with OpenDolphin. With a strong focus on cleanly separated, coherent components we lead you through the fundamental concepts of modern UI engineering. You can immediately apply your knowledge to build fantastic-looking user interfaces for server-centric enterprise applications.

Prerequisite: basic knowledge of Java and at least one UI-toolkit, preferably having attended the JavaFX training

Course content
  • Introduction to OpenDolphin
  • Jump-starting your own project
  • Modeling the presentation layer
  • Binding views to models
  • Controlling the workflow
  • Attaching to enterprise data sources and services
  • Developer setup and production setup
  • Test automation
  • Dependency management, continuous integration
  • Interactive forms, validation, master-detail
  • Multi-user, multi-channel applications
  • Outlook: web and mobile