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Our Mission

In the auto industry, change is slow. Canoo exists to disrupt tradition. We believe in new ideas and a different future. We believe in simplifying lives, not adding hassle. We believe in technology that creates intimacy, not confusion. We believe in freeing how it feels to be in a car, as passenger or driver.

Our Story


We're Canoo Now

As the first step in engaging with consumers, we changed our name to Canoo. We think it's simple, cool and fun.


Three Hundred Employees Strong

While our mission includes staying lean, we still needed a few more people on hand to get the job done. In March 2019, we welcomed our 300th employee.


The "Desert X" Sponsorship

As the sponsor of Desert X, an indie art exhibition in Coachella Valley, we gave the world a hint that we're advocating a lifestyle. Follow us on social media.


Moving Up to the Second Floor

Having survived our temporary digs, we happily moved into our custom-designed space. It's nothing fancy but, for our little start up, quite a luxury.


A Stunning Driving Prototype

Only twelve months after the birth of Canoo, we produced a prototype vehicle. (Most companies take at least three years.) Another record-breaking milestone.


The First Big Bash

Four hundred people invade the Belasco Theater for our first holiday party. A highlight: co-founder Phil Weicker rocked the night away. Who knew?


The Shanghai Office Opens

As a signal of our global ambitions and mindset, we established our Shanghai office and started recruiting our China team.


Two Hundred Employees

Momentum is what we are all about. In six months we doubled the size of our family. Our goal: focused but speedy expansion of our top-tier talent base.


"Danny in the Valley" Podcast

Our co-founder, Stefan Krause, talks to cool podcaster “Danny in the Valley” and shares our vision for the future.


Groundbreaking at New HQ in Torrance

We began construction on a 90,000 square-foot headquarters. The building is a testament to both our agility and aspirations to redefine mobility.


Exterior Design Frozen

Record-breaking design decision. Working primarily with virtual reality and making quick decisions, our exterior design was frozen - in less than five months!


One Hundred Employees Strong

We hired 100 people in three short months. The task was simple: find lots of geniuses that know how to build a vehicle.


Our Motor Spins

We found a graffiti-painted garage. We took it over and made some key decisions about our Canoo design. A few weeks later, we had a spinning motor.


El Segundo and The Coffee Shop

Hiring at lightning speed, we needed to expand in January of 2018. Staying in El Segundo, we took over what became known as the “Coffee Shop”.


Our Humble California Beginnings

We started in El Segundo at the Lucy Jane Building. This is where we strategized and hired... It was simple and close to the beach. Very California start-up...


Leap of Faith

Swept together by destiny, Canoo was founded in December 2017 by this international top-flight group of business leaders, engineers, and designers.

We are a diverse group of creators

We're not only creating a great vehicle. We're introducing a breakthrough service that will enhance the lives of city dwellers. We have handpicked the most experienced and talented team in the tech & auto industry. We embrace diversity of backgrounds including individuals from the arts, fashion, advertising, journalism, social media. And we thrive together by fostering an uncompromised spirit of collaboration.

Globally-minded with a California Soul

Global HQ Los Angeles
Software Development Silicon Valley
China Operations Shanghai