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Change Log

   Task DOL-127 FIXED Make all default actions use silent mode properly Major Closed
   Bug DOL-121 FIXED OpenDolphin should provide a default way to invalidate the session on the server side Major Closed
   Bug DOL-130 FIXED allow client side value changes even though the provided oldValue does not match the current value of the attribute. (JS client) Major Closed
   Bug DOL-124 FIXED when adding a PM to the server model store through the ServerDolphin, the client should be notified just like when using the presentationModel() factory method Major Closed
   Bug DOL-123 FIXED when deleting and re-creating a PM very quickly on the client side, the PM must not get lost Major Closed
Server-side manipulation API
   Improvement DOL-113 FIXED Work on the ServerDolphin with the same API as on the ClientDolphin Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-116 FIXED [breaking change] rename methods in ServerDolphin that only send a command but do not change the server model store to <methodname>Command Major Closed
   Task DOL-117 FIXED create a test that enforces a state conflict between client and server model store and show how that is resolved in a "client wins" strategy Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-115 FIXED give the server model store a unique (sesssion) id that actions can rely upon when creating server-wide unique ids Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-114 FIXED server-side change of baseValue and qualifier and adding attributes to exiting PM Major Closed
   Task DOL-111 WON'T FIX for team apps, publish on the event bus with an origin id such that self-created changes can be detected later and avoided for display Major Closed
introduction of OpenDolphin.js
   Improvement DOL-80 FIXED Binding: enable use of converters for Java Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-81 FIXED DolphinLogo: make it work without GroovyFX Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-92 FIXED Find PMs of attributes effitiently, attributes can only be linked to one PM Major Closed
   Task DOL-74 FIXED Investigate proper CORS management Major Closed
   Bug DOL-100 FIXED ServerDolphin.changeValue no longer does the "has the value really changed" check Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-102 FIXED The BlindCommandBatcher can drop multiple GetPresentationModel commands for the same id Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-95 FIXED [breaking change] support custom Tags Major Closed
   Bug DOL-90 FIXED client-side-only models must notify all qualified attributes Major Closed
   Bug DOL-88 FIXED creating tagged attributes on the server side must correctly tag the attribute on the client side Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-7 FIXED enforce the uniqueness the attribute id Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-105 FIXED give event bus a maxQueueLength to avoid excessive storing of events when the queue is not emptied Major Closed
   Bug DOL-107 FIXED in the binding, make new "using" of converters in JFXBinder the same as in Binder Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-101 FIXED make handle(InitializeAttributeCommand) merge value changes into existing Attributes Major Closed
   Task DOL-98 FIXED move dolphin.js into the open-dolphin main repo Major Closed
   Feature Request DOL-30 FIXED prepare connectors for bi-directional protocols Major Closed
   Improvement DOL-89 FIXED NPE if tag or attribute not present in presentation model during binding Minor Closed
   Feature DOL-97 FIXED find all "tag attributes" for a given "value attribute" Minor Closed
   Improvement DOL-96 FIXED throw an exception on any attempt to add a second attribute to a PM when one with same propertyName and tag already exits Minor Closed


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