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Unreleased 1.0 31/Dec/14 2014-12-31T00-00
  the first complete version
Released 0.11 10/Nov/14 2014-11-10T00-00
Released 0.10 30/Apr/14 2014-04-30T00-00
  Server-side manipulation API
Released 0.9 12/Mar/14 2014-03-12T00-00
  introduction of OpenDolphin.js
Released 0.8 28/Jul/13 2013-07-28T00-00
  final preparations
Released 0.7 28/Feb/13 2013-02-28T00-00
  going maven central with group id open-dolphin
Released 0.6 27/Feb/13 2013-02-27T00-00
  big package renaming
Released 0.5 25/Feb/13 2013-02-25T00-00
  server event bus, more demos, API harmonization
Released 0.4 20/Dec/12 2012-12-20T00-00
  API consolidation, Tags, Lazy Loading
Released 0.3 12/Nov/12 2012-11-12T00-00
  initial baseline for keeping track of further changes
Released 0.0 01/Jan/12 2012-01-01T00-00
  everything prior to the first release


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