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Change Log

bug fix release
   Improvement UBA-8844 FIXED API doc on for ULC ServerPush, ULC OpenDolphin and ULCFxBrowser show wrong title in the browser window. Major Resolved
   Improvement UBA-8862 FIXED Add "Application-Library-Allowable-Codebase=*" attribute in manifest of client side jar. Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-8857 FIXED ClassCasteException for Border of ULCTableTree's TreeColumnCellEditor when using a custom LnF Major Resolved
   Improvement UBA-8850 FIXED Improve Javadoc of ULCButton.doClick Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-8851 FIXED Making a ULCPopupMenu visible programmatically results in strange behavior of ULCPopupMenu. Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-8835 FIXED Security Hole : ULC should not allow desrialization of any arbitrary serializable Java Object Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-6866 FIXED UITextField should not overwrite the minimum size behavior of the installed Look & Feel Major Resolved
   Improvement UBA-8843 FIXED ULC Sample Apps in release give JSP error when running in Jetty with Java 8 Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-8833 FIXED ULCFxBrowser not working in applet mode on mac Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-8855 FIXED ULCTableTree.requestFocusInWindow method does not work as expected. Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-8846 FIXED java.lang.OutOfMemory using ULCInternalFrame.dispose() Major Resolved
   Improvement UBA-8853 FIXED Provide an API on ULCTextComponent for not enforcing minimumSize. Major Closed
   Bug UBA-8847 FIXED Ordered Paths via ULCTree.getSelectionPaths Minor Resolved
   Bug UBA-8858 FIXED Unlike ULCTable, ULCTableTree does not select the last/first visible row on scrolling with page down/up keys. Minor Resolved
minor release
   Bug UBA-8838 FIXED A Tab is not selected on Mouse click when a ULCComponent is used in ULCTabbedPane.setTabComponentAt Major Resolved
   Bug UBA-8841 FIXED HttpSession times out during long server roundtrip. Major Closed
   Improvement UBA-8837 FIXED Provide AutoFilter feature of JideTable in ULCTable Major Closed
   Bug UBA-7757 FIXED invokeULC(UlcEventConstants.SYNCHRONOUS_MODE,...) does not block the UI Major Closed
   Bug UBA-8840 FIXED CellEditor in ULCTableTree is not activated on key press after an expand/collapse of a node. Minor Resolved
   Improvement UBA-8842 FIXED The Source for obfuscated ULC jars does not show add/removeListener methods for ITreeModel and ITableTreeModel Minor Closed
minor release
   Bug UBA-8812 FIXED A ULCSession registered with HttpSession may not be found due to Synchronization issues with register/unregister/getSession in HttpSessionStore Critical Closed
   Bug UBA-8832 FIXED Define a coder for ErrorObject Critical Closed
   Bug UBA-8826 FIXED A ULC application that uses ULCWorker and ULCServerPush with threading cannot run inside Google App Engine Major Closed
   Bug UBA-8823 FIXED ColumnWidthAdjustment dbl clks lead to sorting of the column Major Closed
   Improvement UBA-8810 FIXED It should be possible to sort on multiple columns in ULCTable Major Closed
   Improvement UBA-8822 FIXED Provide ability to customize layout and visual attributes (border. colors) of the Show/Hide Columns popup Major Closed
   Improvement UBA-7638 FIXED The Java Persistence facet should be turned on for the generated project Major Closed
   Bug UBA-8824 FIXED ULCJideTable.setTableColumnsPopupConfigurator throws MethodNotFoundStateException on the client side Major Closed
   Bug UBA-8825 FIXED ULCSession is not serializable when ULCWorker is used in a ULC application. Major Closed
   Bug UBA-8819 FIXED ULCBoxPane.getColumnOf(ULCComponent component) throws NPE if the component is not contained in the ULCBoxPane Minor Closed


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