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Project Lead: Janak Mulani

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Component applicationframework
Component browserintegration
  The component that integrates a web browser into an ULC application
Component components
  Everything that is related to concrete gui components, e.g. ULCLabel, ULCLineBorder.
Component containeradapters
Component core
Component datatype
Component Demos
Component developmentrunner
Component dnd
Component documentation
Component easydeployment
Component enabler
Component environments
Component generator
Component google-appengine
  Issues related to the automatic deployment of ULC applications to http://<application-id>
Component installer
  ULC Installation
Component license-manager
  The tool coming with each Canoo RIA Suite installation.
Component officeintegration
  addon package that provides support for integration in to office applications
Component portalintegration
  Issues related to the ULC Enterpriser Portal Integration package
Component qtpintegration
Component samples
Component tableplus
  Issues concerning the ULC Table Plus package
Component teamcity-integration
  Components/tasks around buildiing on TeamCity.
Component testframework
Component timingframework
  issues concerning the ULC builtin timingframework that is in its own repository location
Component ULCChart
  ULCChart package
Component ULCFxBrowser
Component ULCGraph
  ULCGraph Package


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