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Road Map

  0 of 42 issues have been resolved
   Bug UBA-8682 UNRESOLVED In FormModel undo(), undoAll() and resetUndo() do not work when a field has an error Critical Open
   Bug UBA-8510 UNRESOLVED ActionEvent while getting the focus Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8865 UNRESOLVED Allow access to server side ClientInfo's collections. Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8864 UNRESOLVED Allow registration of coders for already registered classes on server side coder registry Major Open
   Improvement UBA-6919 UNRESOLVED Client side memory management should not fully depend on server GC Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8438 UNRESOLVED ClientContext.loadFile should allow loading of all files from a directory Major Open
   Improvement UBA-709 UNRESOLVED Clipboard Support on Server-Side Major Open
   Bug UBA-8470 UNRESOLVED DevelopmentRunner with -useGui argument ignores file service settings Major Open
   Bug UBA-8863 UNRESOLVED EasyDeployment JarSigning does not work when Java 8 is used on the server. Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8845 UNRESOLVED For AutoFilter Table FilterKey define an id separate from the name. Major Open
   Bug UBA-8778 UNRESOLVED IApplication.stop command is not called sometimes when HttpSession times out. Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8237 UNRESOLVED Implement visual effects on CellRenderers and CellEditors Major Open
   Bug UBA-8687 UNRESOLVED On Mac-java7, drag & drop not working in Applet version Major Open
   Improvement UBA-7303 UNRESOLVED Provide ULCFormattedTextField Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8854 UNRESOLVED Provide an API on ULCSession/UISession to peek into current set of requests in a roundtrip Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8199 UNRESOLVED Set only one dimension of the preferred size. Major Open
   Improvement UBA-705 UNRESOLVED Some events are always sent asynchronously Major Open
   Bug UBA-8418 UNRESOLVED TableSelection event is lost if TextField valueChangedEvent creates an Alert or Modal Dialog Major Open
   Bug UBA-770 UNRESOLVED Tree expansion rendering bug with lazy loading of model Major Open
   Improvement UBA-8839 UNRESOLVED ULC UI Components should support high resolution Major Open
   Improvement UBA-7055 UNRESOLVED ULC should support a fixed column table tree without extensions Major Open
   Improvement UBA-7432 UNRESOLVED ULC test framework should set client environment security manager Major Open
   Bug UBA-7746 UNRESOLVED ULCComboBox as renderer component does not adapt its size Major Open
   Bug UBA-7568 UNRESOLVED ULCHasChangedEnabler is not notified when IHasChangedSource has changed on the server side. Major Open
   Improvement UBA-945 UNRESOLVED ULCIcon should be extendable to support custom icon definitions Major Open
   Bug UBA-8469 UNRESOLVED ULCList bound to a Form through ListBinder does not return multiple selection values. Major Open
   Bug UBA-1103 UNRESOLVED ULCNumberDatatype javadoc needs clarification Major Open
   Bug UBA-8781 UNRESOLVED ULCSlider not working in Applet with Nimbus LnF on Mac Major Open
   Bug UBA-7370 UNRESOLVED ULCTable does not trigger ListSelectionEvent if row is dragged Major Open
   Improvement UBA-7561 UNRESOLVED ULCTableTreeOperator should provide a mechanism to simulate click on node's handle for expanding it. Major Open
   Improvement UBA-398 UNRESOLVED ULCTextArea should support data types Major Open
   Bug UBA-8595 UNRESOLVED Unexpected resize behaviour on ULC components Major Open
   Improvement UBA-7184 UNRESOLVED valueChanged event for ULCTextField should contain old and new values Major Open
   Feature UBA-8848 UNRESOLVED Integrate ULC with Spring Major In Progress
   Improvement UBA-7926 UNRESOLVED provide an ant task that does sign and pack200 the client jar files Major In Progress
   Bug UBA-6897 UNRESOLVED AbstractAction has a reference to ULCButton by way of PropertyChangeListener, which cannot be deregistered in any way thus preventing the button from being GCed Major Reopened
   Bug UBA-8046 UNRESOLVED Do not cancel editing operation when node structure changes in ULCTableTree Major Reopened
   Improvement UBA-7409 UNRESOLVED Running ULC applications with JNLP and JavaWebStart from Java 6 should not produce a warning dialog Major Reopened
   Improvement UBA-8386 UNRESOLVED Compex asked for an all-jar containing client/server jars Minor Open
   Improvement UBA-8870 UNRESOLVED Make FileChooserConfiguration easy to extend Minor Open
   Bug UBA-8767 UNRESOLVED ResourceBundle with non iso-8859 char encoding throws MissingResourceException Minor Open
   Improvement UBA-8792 UNRESOLVED ULCRegularExpressionDataType inputFilterExpression regex with length check doesn't stop key press after specified length crossed. Minor Open


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