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Project Lead: Marcel Rüedi
Issue tracking for ULC Mobile.

Release Notes

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Change Log

Release 1.0 of ULCMobile
   Bug UMO-60 FIXED Correct documentation about default carrier stream provider Major Closed
   Bug UMO-57 FIXED In some situations shutting down the ULC Mobile client after an exception may fail Major Closed
   Improvement UMO-58 FIXED Provide API to execute runnables on the blocked event queue Asynchronously Major Closed
   Improvement UMO-59 FIXED Provide generic support for customized handling of communication failures Major Closed
Release 0.9 of ULCMobile
   Task UMO-13 FIXED The owner of ULCDialog must be a ULCFrame (and not ULCWindow anymore) Major Resolved
   Task UMO-24 FIXED Added com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCScrollBar.setVerticalSyncTick()/getVerticalSyncTick Major Closed
   Task UMO-23 FIXED Added om.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCScrollBar.setHorizontalSyncTick()/getHorizontalSyncTick() Major Closed
   Task UMO-26 FIXED Changed sample applications so that the fit Real VGA mode resolution Major Closed
   Improvement UMO-50 FIXED Default coders should support java.sql.Date, java.sql.Time, java.sql.Timestamp Major Closed
   Task UMO-54 FIXED Removed API ULCWindow.setLocationRelativeTo() Major Closed
   Task UMO-11 FIXED Removed Alpha value in com.ulcmobile.base.application.util.Color Major Closed
   Task UMO-1 FIXED Removed Drag and Drop API Major Closed
   Task UMO-4 FIXED Removed EJB Deployment Major Closed
   Task UMO-3 FIXED Removed JNLP Deployment Major Closed
   Task UMO-20 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCCheckBox.setBorderPaintedFlat()/getBorderPaintedFlat() Major Closed
   Task UMO-7 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCFrame.setExtendedState()/getExtendedState() Major Closed
   Task UMO-19 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCSplitPane.setResizeWeight()/getResizeWeight() Major Closed
   Task UMO-15 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCTabbedPane.setToolTipText()/getToolTipText() Major Closed
   Task UMO-17 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCTextField.setHorizontalAlignment()/getHorizontalAlignment() do Major Closed
   Task UMO-21 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCTree.setToggleClickCount()/getToggleClickCount() Major Closed
   Task UMO-6 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCWindow.addWindowFocusListener()/removeWindowFocusListener() Major Closed
   Task UMO-5 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.ULCWindow.setLocationRelativeTo() Major Closed
   Task UMO-18 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.border.ULCTitledBorder.setTitleJustification()/getTitleJustification() do Major Closed
   Task UMO-2 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.datatype.ULCRegularExpressionDataType Major Closed
   Task UMO-9 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.application.util.AffineTransform and related API on com.ulcmobile.base.application.util.Font (e.g. getAffineTransform()) Major Closed
   Task UMO-16 FIXED Removed com.ulcmobile.base.shared.FileChooserConfig.setAcceptAllFileFilterUsed()/isAcceptAllFileFilterUsed Major Closed
   Task UMO-10 FIXED Removed double value for font sizes in constructurs of com.ulcmobile.base.application.util.Font Major Closed
   Task UMO-8 FIXED Removed extended Modifiers on com.ulcmobile.base.application.event.KeyEvent Major Closed
   Task UMO-14 FIXED Removed roundedCorners property in com.ulcmobile.base.application.border.ULCLineBorder Major Closed
   Task UMO-36 FIXED Repackaged com.ulcjava to com.ulcmobile Major Closed
   Task UMO-25 FIXED Replaced OnlineShop sample by ProductCatalog sample Major Closed
   Bug UMO-48 FIXED Setting a very large text on a ULCTextField results in a UTFDataFormatException Major Closed
   Task UMO-22 FIXED The default carrier stream provider in ULCMobile is com.ulcmobile.base.shared.TrivialCarrierStreamProvider Major Closed
   Task UMO-12 FIXED The owner of ULCWindow must be a ULCFrame (and not ULCWindow anymore) Major Closed
   Bug UMO-49 FIXED ULC is not able to serialize String arrays that contain null elements Major Closed
   Improvement UMO-51 FIXED ULC should support TimeZone objects out of the box Major Closed


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