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Project Lead: Janak Mulani

Release Notes

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Change Log

Port to eclipse 3.6 and eclipse Ve 1.5
   Improvement UVE-361 FIXED Port ULC VE to Eclipse VE 1.5 Major Closed
   Bug UVE-360 FIXED ULCChartPanel is not supported in ULC VE Major Closed
ULC Visual Editor 6.1.2
   Bug UVE-349 FIXED Adding a composite to a box pane adds the composite with a preferred size of (20,20) Major Closed
   Bug UVE-327 FIXED Custom widgets created with VE added to another container using choose Bean do not show in the correct size at design time Major Closed
   Bug UVE-355 FIXED Fillers do not reflect change in height/width when added to or contained in Boxpane Major Closed
   Bug UVE-348 FIXED The canvas should not enforce a minimal size for ULCLayeredPane children Major Closed
   Bug UVE-359 WON'T FIX Provide support for Paints Major Closed
   Improvement UVE-358 CANNOT REPRODUCE Let the User replace the license Major Closed
   Bug UVE-356 FIXED Adding/Removing Menu to a MenuBar in a Frame packs the frame even if the frame has size. Minor Closed
Release for Eclipse 3.4 / 3.5 and Eclipse VE 1.4
   Improvement UVE-337 FIXED In ULC Container Wizard there is no need to show UI about license directory Major Closed
   Bug UVE-354 FIXED License's File Limit check does not close the Visual Class editor Major Closed
   Bug UVE-353 FIXED Port ULC VE to Eclipse VE 1.4 and Eclipse 3.5 Major Closed
   Improvement UVE-352 FIXED Provide information of where the VE Tutorial can be found on the Documentation webpage Major Closed
   Improvement UVE-350 FIXED ULC Visual Editor should support Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) Major Closed


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