Release Notes - Dolphin - Version 1.0 - HTML format


  • [DOL-151] - Remove method on ServerDolphin does not remove presentationModel from modelStore
  • [DOL-154] - Both Java and JavaScript client did send rebase commands when the base value changed but should have sent ChangedMetadata commands.


  • [DOL-104] - PresentationModel.copy()
  • [DOL-131] - make a CleanModelStore command

Feature Request

  • [DOL-132] - force value change when ServerAttribute.setValue() is called even when the new value equals the old value
  • [DOL-158] - PushListener needs to slow down, if it fails


  • [DOL-9] - scan *ModelStore and *Connector for methods that should be in the *Dolphin facade
  • [DOL-47] - make a clickable, self-starting demo
  • [DOL-48] - provide a self-evident place for where to put actions
  • [DOL-54] - complete the documentation
  • [DOL-55] - add "tag" factory method to server dolphin analogous to the client dolphin but implementation sends the appropriate command
  • [DOL-68] - serverDolphin.apply() to create a SwitchPresentationModelCommand
  • [DOL-70] - make Groovy dependencies as small as possible
  • [DOL-73] - Explain more benefits of the generic approach of dolphin
  • [DOL-79] - Use slf4j for logging
  • [DOL-91] - [REFACTORING] Create a command service layer on client dolphin
  • [DOL-93] - Cleanup: remove legacy syntax for binding using converters
  • [DOL-103] - provide a method analogous to sync{} that does not actually send a command
  • [DOL-108] - allow null for release Action in startPushListening for clients that need no release because they are read-only
  • [DOL-112] - allow onFinished handler with only one method to implement - Java 8 friendly
  • [DOL-128] - consider dropping back notifications or making them optional
  • [DOL-129] - rename findAllPresentationModelByType to findAllPresentationModelsByType (proper plural-s)
  • [DOL-133] - make onModelStoreChangeForType in the JavaScript client
  • [DOL-143] - ServerDolphin.registerDefaultActions() should be called automatically
  • [DOL-160] - make the log config use a org.opendolphin logger instead of the root logger


  • [DOL-146] - DoubleProperty bindings behavior


  • [DOL-75] - REF: makeFrom in CreatePresentationModelCommand could go to specialized Client Ctor
  • [DOL-99] - update to Groovy 2.2 and make use of automatic closure coercion, esp. to PCL
  • [DOL-110] - evaluate the thread-consumption effect of many actions listening on the event bus
  • [DOL-118] - investigate whether we should introduce a RejectedCommand to inform the server about rejected value changes and maybe provide a respective listener
  • [DOL-122] - update copyright statements to 2014
  • [DOL-138] - upgrade to Groovy 2.3.5 or above to go around GROOVY-6852
  • [DOL-139] - remove the Closure type from all public APIs and replace with a functional interface
  • [DOL-141] - explain how to write tests against PMs
  • [DOL-144] - make sure the solution for deprecation warnings are easy to access from any kind of code

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