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Canoo isn't just hardware or software. It's a service. Our revolutionary vehicles and exclusive digital membership were created together to improve every way you move.

Unchain Yourself from Ownership

Re-evaluate your relationship with your car

Owning a vehicle is complicated with the hassles of service, insurance, registration, and so much more. With Canoo, it’s all bundled together into a stress-free subscription package. All you need to think about is where your next adventure will take you.

Any Problem is Canoo’s Problem

We’ll handle the hard stuff – no if’s, and’s or but’s about it

Cars have a laundry list of coverage, service plans, roadside assistance, and more — each provided by separate suppliers. Where does the buck stop? With Canoo, every problem is ours to handle.

Bring Your Own Phone

Your apps, not ours

Everything is handled from the comfort of your phone. Order a vehicle, adjust your comfort settings, or share your car with your friends.

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