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Canoo isn't just hardware or software. It's a service. Our revolutionary vehicles and exclusive digital membership were created together to improve every way you move.

Large on the Inside

We have done away with the traditional way cars are built

We have freed ourselves from the constraints of vehicles that have been designed the same way since the 1930's. Our skateboard platform turns everything inside out. The entire carriage is open, creating new dimensions of space inside the vehicle. Our base is the size of a compact car. But a Canoo comfortably sits seven in an environment that is, at the same time, calming and social.

Small on the Outside

Artboard 1

Yes, the size of Canoo’s skateboard is small but smart

Our vehicles enable unparalleled maneuverability in tight spaces. Whether you are parking in a difficult spot or exploring the back alleyways of downtown or weaving elegantly through traffic, (small) size does matter.

One Skateboard, Many Vehicles

Again, it’s the skateboard

We can put any cabin – some call it a “pod” – on top. Within the next three years, we will introduce four distinct models optimized for the explorer’s lifestyle, ride sharing, deliveries and commuting.

Simple Interface, Clean Aesthetics

Our design is simple but not simplistic

We defy automotive conventions. We are anti-bling, anti-rococo decoration and anti-pixels. Every detail, both interior and exterior, is streamlined to perfection. We craft what you want, not more than you need.


Prepared for the future

Autonomous driving. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Our smart design ensures that the latest, most relevant software is easily integrated for full autonomous driving. The transition will be seamless.

Do anything

Create Your Own Space